JDN Onboarding

JDN Onboarding Workshops are for Job Developers and members of our Job Developers Network (JDN). Learn more about the JDN here

ESC strongly recommends that all JDN members attend one of these sessions, and we believe this training is a particularly important orientation component for new job developers and JDN Members. This is a half-day workshop based on our significant province-wide research on job development collaboration, our tested methods, and our commitment to ensuring all JDN members maximize their membership in this network: 

• What drives collaborative approaches to Job Development
• JDN purpose and principles: what’s in it for our members
• JDN tools and resources that will assist job developers in implementing a collaborative approach to job development 

Dates for JDN Onboarding Workshop:

December 14, 1pm to 4pm

JDN Onboarding is now being held virtually. Our next session is Dec. 14, from 1pm to 4pm. All JDN Members should attend this workshop as part of their membership in this network. If it’s been a few years since you attended, you are welcome to attend as a refresher, plus we’ve updated, revised, and incorporated new, current and relevant info and resources to help you in your professional role and collaborations. Facilitated by your amazing JDN colleagues.

Registration is now open: Register here