Introducing Wednesdays at One: Three types of Professional Development (PD) for all employment, education and training staff. Join us for networking, information, tools, and conversations to enhance how we serve and support others, particularly those impacted by the pandemic. Leave with practical ways to apply these PD learnings and insights in your daily roles, right away.

What’s Working

Engaging Employers

Bite-Sized LMI

What’s Working?

Our What’s Working sessions feature current programs and supports available to help people to be successful in their employment journey. For all staff in all roles.

Engaging Employers:

Join job developers and colleagues in similar roles to discuss programs, resources, and strategies for assisting employers in their recruiting, hiring, training, and retention needs.

ESC News

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Bite-Sized LMI:

Are you helping others to make employment decisions? Take in one of our short and sweet Labour Market Information (LMI) sessions and learn practical ways to help others better understand our region’s dynamic labour market.

Wednesdays at One:


Tools & Techniques available with the Local Jobs Hub

Emilian Siman Executive Director of EMO Workforce Planning and Development Board is excited to share with you the job search tools and techniques readily available with the Local Jobs Hub platform. If you are a student, a job seeker, a parent, an employment consultant, a student counsellor, or just a curious mind you will find these job search tools and techniques amazingly useful. Strengthen you job search or career planning with these exceptional tools and techniques.


ESC Recovery Conversations are a partnership between Employment Sector Council and Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning & Development Board, and are supported by The City of London.

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