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What is Working?

Our what is working sessions feature current programs and supports available to help people to be successful in their employment journey – for all staff in all roles. 

LinkedIn Learning for Employment Service Providers – December 20, 2023



The ESC invited Dan Kuiack from LinkedIn Talent Solutions to discuss ways in  which LinkedIn Learning can be used for the staff and clients of Employment Service Providers. You can access the full recording of the session below. 

Ask us About Transformation! – November 15, 2023




The Employment Service Transformation (EST) is intended to streamline employment services, improve coordination, and boost program effectiveness. The transformation has been rolling out in phases with some regions going through the process ahead of others. The ESC brought together a panel of employment service providers from an earlier transformation catchment area to share their first experiences with the EST. The panel was made up of representatives from College Boreal, Fanshawe College, Leads Services, and Mohawk College. You can access the full recording of the session below.

Preparing for Transformation – October 04, 2023



As part of ESC’s Wednesdays at One Webinar series, presentations were given by Lisa Rusal and John Griffiths from Fanshawe College on the topics of ‘Managing Relationships within a Team through Change’ and ‘Building Personal Resilience through Positive Psychology’. You can access the full recording of the session below.

Making the case for hiring people with disabilities – June, 2023

In this session, led by hirewesternu’s Accessibility Team, how hiring persons with disabilities can help create an inclusive workplace that benefits everyone. There are hundreds of thousands of working-aged Canadians with disabilities who are ready and eager to work. They have the skills, enthusiasm and potential to bring great value to any organization.

Ontario Social Benefits in 2022 – February, 2022


Learn more about changes to social benefits, assistance & eligibility requirements in the wake of the pandemic and discuss what these mean for our clients.

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning

Get signed up with your own free professional LinkedIn Learning license and find out all the ways you can access and apply over 16,000 micro-credential courses.

CNIB Virtual Reality Interview Practice Tool – September, 2022


Learn more about a new virtual reality interview practice tool and app for people living with visual impairment and/or other disability.

The Community Counselling Centre of London – November, 2022


The Community Counselling Centre of London provides affordable counselling services to people who need it within the London area as well as in Exeter and South Huron. Learn more about this important new service – who they are, what services they provide, and how to refer your clients. 

Disclosure and Job Search – December, 2022


For employment specialists working with job seekers with disabilities who wish to learn about disclosure, accommodations and best practices. 

Adult Literacy Programs: Your Partner in Employment Success – December, 2022


Set your clients up for success! Learn how literacy and employment programs can work together to effectively meet the needs of job seekers. 

LEDC: Role, Resources, and Perspective  – November, 2022



A brief overview of the LEDC services as an economic development agency and the key resources for job seekers and employers. 

Engaging Employers

Join job developers  and colleagues in similar roles to discuss programs, resources, and strategies for assisting employers in their recruiting , hiring, training and retention needs. 

Overview of the Canadian Apprenticeship Service (CAS) – December 06, 2023


The ESC invited Stephanie Shrum from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) to give an overview of funding and support made available to Level One apprentices in 39 Red Seal trades. You can access a full recording of the session below. 

How to recruit, hire and retain diverse candidates & clients – June, 2023


This session led by WILL Immploy shares how to thoughtfully commit to building a diverse work force implementing best practices of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in order to benefit fully from immigrant talent for economic prosperity. 

The Canadian Apprenticeship Service 


Learn about this new grant program that provides employers with up to $10,000 to hire up to two apprentices per fiscal year. 

LinkedIn Recruiter – November, 2021


Get your free recruiter license and learn how to use recruiter to find employers, connect them to job seekers and tools to retain their workers. 

Inclusive Economy London – December, 2021

Creating a strong cultire of community benefits is encouraging traditional businesses to develop innovative solutions to their employment needs, encouraging collaboration between employment sector organizations and businesses, and supporting the diverse needs of the community. 

Labor Market Information

Join Are you helping others to make employment decisions? Take in one of our short and sweet Labor Market Information (LMI) sessions and learn practical ways to help others better understand our region’s dynamic labor market.  

Electronic Vehicle (EV) Value Chain and Occupations: Becoming Ready for the Recent Regional Investments – December 13, 2023

Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning & Development Board


The ESC invited the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning Development Board (EMO-WPDB) to review recent regional investments in Electronic Vehicles (EV) and discuss labor market prospects. The session was based on a recently released report on assessment of rapid upskilling needs in the automotive industry. You can access the full recording of the session below.

What is Pre-Apprenticeship? – November 22, 2023



The ESC invited Heather Carey- Manager of Corporate Training Solutions at Fanshawe College to discuss the definition, employment prospects, and anticipated economic impact of pre-apprenticeship. The webinar also covered resources available to employers for connecting with pre-apprentices as well as the challenges and opportunities of pre-apprenticeship. You can access the full recording of the session below. 

The Local Jobs Hub – January, 2023




Emilian Siman Executive Director of EMO Workforce Planning and Development Board shared job search tools and techniques readily available with the Local Jobs Hub platform. The platform is meant to strengthen the job search or career planning of students, job seekers, employment consultants or student counsellors. 

Jobs Ability Canada – October, 2022



Join us to find out more about Jobs Ability Canada, a new job search platform designed by and for people with disabilities to showcase their skills and abilities. 

LinkedIn Talent Insights – November, 2021

Learn how LinkedIn insights generates useful labour market information to help you plan your programs, target clients, and respond quickly to sector needs. 

Using EmployerOne Data – December, 2021

Our regions annual EmployerOne Survey provides us with vital data about our business sector’s trends, challenges, and opportunities – and now it’s interactive! Make it work for you. 

Local Labour Market Plan

What WPDB learned from Oxford County, London/Middlesex County, and St. Thomas/Elgin County about our labour market and what we plan to do with that information.

ESC Recovery Conversations were a partnership between Employment Sector Council and Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning & Development Board, and were supported by The City of London.

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