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Inclusive Economy London and Region: Wednesday, December 1 (1pm)


Mike Courey, Coordinator, London Community Benefits Network

Laura Wall, Urban League of London and Organizer with London Community Benefits Network

Creating a strong culture of community benefits across our region is encouraging traditional businesses to develop innovative solutions to their employment needs, and provides a pathway for collaboration between employment sector organizations and business. This session will explore ways that job developers can engage employers around this important opportunity.

Inclusive Economy London and Region has recently launched a London Community Benefits Network to help build a culture that harnesses the power of infrastructure and development projects to create more opportunities for those experiencing barriers to employment. This event will explore ways that community benefits agreements are setting the stage for new relationships to develop between the construction industry, social enterprises, and job developers.

In this session we will discuss the ways that job developers can:

– connect with employers to prepare them to position their business as good candidates for community benefits contracts.

– help move forward industry readiness to respond to community benefits agreements

– encourage employers to work collaboratively with job developers in building their companies employment programs.

For important background information, check out this report on Community Benefits in London.