Using EmployerOne Data


Using EmployerOne Data

Using EmployerOne Data: December 8, 2021

Our region’s annual EmployerOne Survey provides us with vital data about our business sector’s trends, challenges, and opportunities: and now it’s interactive! And now you can use this tool to find answers to your workforce questions.

Created by the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board (WPDB), this interactive labour Market information (LMI) tool means you can extract and organize as much information you need.

Bashir Adeyemo of WPDB guides us through current regional LMI sources, including EmployerOne Survey findings for 2021, Employment Ontario Yearly Program Report, and Business Openings and Closures. This recovery conversation explores how we can find and apply the type and extent of LMI we need, in the manner we prefer.

Please contact: Carol Stewart, ESC Project Manager: for more information.