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You might not hop on a plane just to have a facial or a massage, but beauty treatments certainly are a wonderful indulgence when away from home.

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Using EmployerOne Data

Our region’s annual EmployerOne Survey provides us with vital data about our business sector’s trends, challenges, and opportunities: and now it’s interactive! And now you can use this tool to find answers to your workforce questions. Created by the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board (WPDB).

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Inclusive Economy London Logo

Inclusive Economy London

Creating a strong culture of community benefits across our region is encouraging traditional businesses to develop innovative solutions to their employment needs, and provides a pathway for collaboration between employment sector organizations and business.

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LinkedIn Talent Insights Logo

LinkedIn Talent Insight

Sign your organization up for a free LinkedIn Talent Insight license and generates useful labour market information to help you plan your programs, target clients and employers, and respond quickly to sector needs.

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LinkedIn Recruiter

Job Developers: Get your free LinkedIn Recruiter License and learn how to use this all-encompassing hiring platform for talent professionals to find employers, connect them to job seekers, plus tools to support them in retain their workers.

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